Print Design Projects

Intelius - She Nose Her Background - Print

This was the second in a series of "Pinocchio" style print ads. This one was fun to do and I have a lot of creative freedom on how to make her node longer.

Intelius Skeletons in Your Closet Print Mailer

This was a fun piece to work on. I started with a simple stock photo of the skeleton in the closet and added the boxes and text, then the lamp, trophy and files. I think it came out pretty nice.

This was a single fold mailer that was sent out to HR departments all over the US.

DigitalNet TV Business Brochure

A Big folding brochure for DigitalNet TV. They wanted lots of color and icons. Oh and check out the VOIP remote control. It's all Photoshop baby!

DigitalNet TV Business Cards

Businesscard design for DigitalNet TV. I created these while working for IdeaMax.

JXP Business Card Design

Here is a fun a creative business card I created while working on the JXP project at IdeaMax. The looked pretty cool and grungy.