Web Design Projects

Valentines Day Email

This was an email graphic used for Valentines Day promotions at intelius. It has been a win for the last three years. It will be used again next year as well.


This is the newly updated design for Addresses.com.

Foothill Smog and Auto Repair

Foothillsmog.com is built on the Drupal CMS and was a blast to work on. This is the second version of this site that I created for Avo the owner of the shop.

DURT Mockups

Here are a couple of mock-ups for a new site that hasn't launched yet. Consider this a teaser and I can't say anymore than I already have.

Oh yeah I created the logo for this too.

Identity Protect Partner Landing Pages

Landing Pages for another Identity Protect by Intlelius. These were some of the more edgy versions of the of the landing pages. They converted pretty well coming from a couple of dating sites.

Credit Reports and Scores

Here are some mock-ups for CreditReportsandScroes.com. It's a personal credit check and credit monitoring service. I was the first designer to work on version 1.0 of this dashboard.

Mcafee Identity Protect

I had to throw these two screens together in a few hours for sales to show off to an executive at Mcafee. This was one of those what if projects that we used to get partner deals.


We launched the current version of Intelius.com about two and a half years ago and since then the site has become very organic.

Intelius Gift Card Landing Pages

These were landing pages I build based off of the designs of Intelius gift cards. I think we had them up for a few months and they decided to go a different direction.

Intelius Email Campaign

This was an email campaign for various Intelius online properties. These were the header images of the of the emails that were sent out to over three million customers. Past Email campaigns consisted of plain text email or emails with HTML forms and no images except for maybe a site logo.

Once this campaign launched, we saw just over an 80% lift in opens and a 30% lift in conversion on most sites.

Reggie J. Interactive Site

This was a fun site. I used to do a lot of flash work for my portfolio. But this was by far the coolest site I created and got paid to do. Reggie J. is a clothing designer in LA.

Glendale Adventist Academy

This is the Glendale Adventist Academy Elementary and Jr. High school website. I created while working at Educational Networks.